Jun 2004
Ebony Audio Systems starts its production line with an 8 CH amplified mixer MX-1000 and a 6CH amplified mixer MX-600.

Aug 2004
E.A.S introduces its line of speaker enclosures, ES-2X and ES-4X.

Sep 2004
3 lines of woofers are introduced to the market. Each line aims at different product uses, power handling and cost.

Sep 2004
An application is introduced before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to register Ebony Audio Systems as a mark.

Nov 2004
Ebony Audio Systems appoints its first distributor-customer in an international market (Venezuela).

Sep 2005
E.A.S trademark is published for opposition in order to become a registered trademark.

Feb 2006
New enclosures are added to the line, ES-112 , ES-115 and ES-108.

May 2006
E.A.S starts the process to develop a line of equalizers, crossovers, mixers, amplified mixers and power amplifiers.

Jun 2006
Specimens are sent to the USPTO.

Sep 2006
E.A.S receives the registration certificate from the USPTO becoming a registered mark.

Oct 2006
Management team travels to Asia to visit factories and finish the details for new products.

Jan 2007
A wide range of new products are introduced to the market, including power amps, EBA-1000X and EBA-2600; equalizers, EBQ-2150 and EBQ2310 ; crossovers, EBX-23 and EBX-35.

May 2007
5 different high frequency drivers are developed, including a 2".

Jun 2007
Rex Electronics,Inc becomes a member of NAMM and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

Aug 2007
E.A.S products are being sold to 12 countries in South and Central America, and the Caribbean.

Nov 2007
Strategic plans begin to start operations in Spain (Europe)

Apr 2008
Rex Electronics, Inc applied for a Community Trade Mark before the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (European Mark)